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Photo credit: ©2020 Paul Powichroski;  image from taking down the nine-person exhibition, Unnatural Causes: art of a critical nature,  curated by 4 Alarm Artists: Bridget Parlato, Blake Conroy and Lynn Parks, at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, Annapolis, which, though entirely installed, did not open due (ironically),  to the COVID Pandemic.

       Janet Maher has been a prolific exhibiting artist for more than four decades. Her prints, drawings, artist books, collages, assemblages, digital images and works in clay are in many public and private collections.

       She is a Professor Emeritus of Fine Arts from Loyola University Maryland and a Signature Member of the National Collage Society.

       She has also researched and authored two scholarly books: From the Old Sod to the Naugatuck Valley: Early Irish Catholics in New Haven County, Connecticut (2012, Apprentice House, Baltimore, MD) and Waterbury Irish: From the Emerald Isle to the Brass City (2015, History Press, with assistance from John Wiehn and others). 

       With her studio's relocation to Rhode Island, she is greatly updating her website, gradually adding back in sections that reflect her current involvements.