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Public Art & Installation

Although I work tirelessly toward the best possible resolutions with my chosen materials while immersed in a particular concept, I am not actually concerned with creating masterpieces. No matter how successful, my results usually feel to me like residue, the culmination of processes that marked stages in my personal and aesthetic development. The artworks feel complete to me in meditative moments and in their ability to foster further questions or ideas that arise from within them. I am always moving on to the next challenge, like a shark whose swimming is vital to its ability to keep breathing.

     Working with others who are equally engaged very much appeals, my work then being more about bringing something together and producing artifacts after facilitating or participating in group experiences. That the results are unique to and are created because of the process and the larger idea matters to me.

©Janet Maher, ViewingStationdet
©1999 Janet Maher. Disp.Real.
©1998 Janet Maher, Labyrinth, France
©1999 Janet Maher@Disp.Real.
©2013 Janet Maher.det.ComingHome
©1988 Janet Maher, NM Quilt
©1994 Janet Maher, Anat.Sol.receptio
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