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Mapping the Invisible

The opportunity to respond to scientific research of biologist Dr. Jocelyne DiRuggiero helped return me to mixed media drawing-based processes. I created the first four Mapping the Invisible drawings for an exhibition in April 2014 at Johns Hopkins University.

With each piece I explored different media and approaches, eventually collaging into the altered and enlarged vestiges of tiny cellular images from DiRuggiero's papers, to including previous toner wash tests of my own, then further integrating the disparate parts through drawing. 

Media included graphite and colored pencils, transparent and white gesso, charcoal, pastels, gouache, watercolor, paper collage and photographic prints, mounted on printmaking paper. In summer 2018 I revisited some of the images, adding assemblage components.

As I further explored possibilities within this idea I also revisited some of the earlier ones to a place that now feels complete.

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