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Digital Photography

An artist residency at the Burren College of Art in County Clare, Ireland, afforded me the opportunity to bring a long-term multidisciplinary project to completion. My journey of study into the deep history of Ireland and a particular community's emigration to Connecticut inspired a great deal of visual works and two scholarly books. The physical essence of what I experienced is represented in three final portfolios of digital photography.

Sixteen images contain my shadow merging as a "Witness" with the starkly beautiful landscape that enveloped me for five weeks in 2016. Human presence within and upon rock and soil foreshadows the mortality that will ultimately meld all of us back into the earth. Seventeen more images appeared to me as if drawings waiting to be found. These more abstract ones in "Geography of Memory" symbolized my soul's engagement with this otherworldly time and space. I added hand-coloring to most images in this group. The third set depicts eighteen iconic symbols of home as "House Portraits". Wood, stone, and clay were formed into architectural shelters within which others weathered the elements and created their lives. The houses are in various states of thriving and decline. 

My video, "Witness: Flaggy Shore", reinterprets a powerful experience of the invitation into the circle of local female friends who meet regularly at a designated time every day in the water of a very special place. Their voices, and a gentle ebb and flow of water provides the sound of this potent memory.


Select buttons at the right to see some images from each series (cropped to circles) and to watch the video.

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