Collage has been a long-standing part of my practice. I love its historical tradition and the aesthetics that form its varied foundation. Like a poet or photographer, I feel a special attraction to the simple beauty of "insignificant" elements caught in a moment as they seem to call out to be considered or captured. I save specific things that have come into my orbit and deem them “O.K. to use”. One day they may find their way into a two- or three-dimensional composition.

I love the process of selecting and working with a few elements, then adding and subtracting to arrive at a visually compelling resolution. Some collages take longer than others to come into internal cohesion. Some require additional working of the surface through drawing forward or obscuring back particular aspects, as would any other type of art making.


Recycling is generally important to me, but I save for art that which has a marked history (often quietly personal) and seems worthy of another incarnation. The "making new" of what someone else might have thrown away is really what drives the collage process for me.


I am a Signature Member of the National Collage Society.